Ten Things an Animal Communicator Can Do When it Comes to Lost Pets by Suzan Vaughn

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Guiding lost pets home is one of the most challenging situations owners and psychics face. Circumstances, surroundings, hiding places and environmental changes mean your animal may be constantly on the move. That’s why it’s important to make sure your animal carries identification whenever possible. However, if your animal does become lost, there are things an animal communicator can do, and there are some things we cannot do.

Animal Communicators “shape shift” into the consciousness of your animal friends in order to see what they have seen or are seeing. We can:

  1.  See what they’ve seen along their journey.
  2. Find out if they hooked up with human help or assistance.
  3. Ask if they got into a car.
  4. Find out how long they travelled to get to where they are now.
  5. Send the animal a telepathic message like a string of energy to follow homeward.
  6. Give you a couple of things you can do to help guide your animal home.
  7. Find out if there is anything at home keeping them away.
  8. Ask them if they know how to get home.
  9. Request that they make themselves available to be captured by another caring human, or request that they make a sound when someone trustworthy comes near where they are hiding.
  10. Let them know you are looking for them.

What an Animal Communicator Can’t Do:

  1. Animal’s don’t read, so information about road signs is hard to come by. It would be nice if we could just give you an address where to go and pick up your beloved animal friend but alas….we have clues, tools, and guidance instead. In some locations where we get a strong sense of the animal, another clue or person in that location may be able to help you further.
  2. Predicting whether your animal is still in a body, or has passed out of the body is only a 50-50 prediction. The reason? Animals show us they are running, sunning, and having a good old time doing all the fun things they used to do when they are out of the old ailing body. These pictures can be confusing but if their passing has been quick, they may not quite understand they’ve left their body behind.  So sometimes, we get it wrong.
  3. If your animal has passed on, and it will not serve you to find your animal’s body, no amount of searching is going to bring the body to you. Letting go completely of expectation or desire for that kind of closure, is the only thing that allow you to be guided to the body.
  4. Because of the fluid nature of lost animal’s location and situations, and the emotionally difficult state of my clients when their animal goes missing, I offer a short, low-cost 15 minute session. For lost animals, 15 minutes worth of information is about all that’s available. I also recommend working with other animal communication specialists who may offer alternative feelings and perspectives on your lost animal’s location.
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Pharoah and Cleopatra

The limitations of telepathic communication for finding lost pets:

Animals can’t read road signs, so the information you will get in a session includes the direction your pet headed, about how far from home he/she is, landmarks like barn with a red roof, or church with a steeple, how your pet left the area (by car, walking, running) etc.

Animals will not return to an unhappy or abusive home, and sometimes they refuse to come back when there is one person in the house that does not want them there. Some animals become feral within a week of being on their own and some adventurous animals prefer the freedom of being ‘on the road.’

When animals are picked up and adopted, they often stay with the new family and don’t return, especially if their new family situation is a loving one. They need and desire love and security, but if they’re getting that, they’re less likely to return.

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Pets are reunited with their owners about 50 to 75% of the time. These numbers are based on the number of people who contact me to let me know their pet is home safe.

With fervent hopes and best wishes of reuniting you
with your beloved pet,
–Suzan Vaughn

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