Lydia’s Story: The Cat That Came Back

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Lydia Returns Full Circle

(c)2003 Suzan Vaughn
(no reproduction without permission)

CAT STORIES animalwhisperer

Lydia was stuck in a cage at the animal shelter, but her spirit was undeterred. The tortoise shell colored kitty was waiting, biding her time for her new friends to come and pick her up. When Sam the toy poodle arrived, she pressed her whole body against the cage and tried to play with him. Sam also became animated and frolicked about the cage as Lydia purred and pressed against the wiring.

Beth, accompanied by Sam, was at the shelter to pick up her beloved cat Max’s ashes, when she noticed the little cat. I had told her that her next cat would choose her, that she would not be looking for a cat at the time, and to watch for a kitten.

Lydia was very familiar with Beth, showing me pictures of a lifetime they’d had together as neighbors. She sent me the pictures that she had lived three houses down from Beth, who was then a little girl, and she said her encounter with Beth had taught her that animals could be more than just workers (she was a mouser who was not allowed in the house), they could also be beloved companions.

“So you are saying that we have been together in other lifetimes?” Beth asked.

“Not exactly together, but acquainted,” I told her.

“Would you ask her if we’ve been together in this lifetime?”

“She says yes and there is a name that is coming through forcefully. It’s Mini.”

“Wow,” said the stunned Beth. Then she told me the story of Mini.

Mini was a small cat that Beth had been very attached to. It had been difficult to let her go when she passed on, but when she did, she made room at Beth’s house for Max.

“When I went to the same animal shelter I visited yesterday,” she said, “I was there to pick up Mini’s ashes. I visited the cat cages and put my face close to the bars. Max reached out through the bars and patted my face with his paw. I was hooked.”

Mini’s death had made a place for Max in Beth’s home, and now Max was returning the favor by passing on to make a place for Lydia. The two were connected in a circle of life that made each of their transitions easier on Beth, while serving the needs of each feline friend!